How BIM can support manufacturers of autoclaved concrete? - Our article for AAC Worldwide. (English)

Data: 03.03.2020

BIM is not just about drawing and modeling tools. It is a concept assuming the exchange of information about
the model and the designed facility at every stage of the building's life cycle. This is a process that helps to
coordinate between the design team, the contractor team and the facility managers. Despite the fact that
the main factor on which the effective use of BIM depends, are the people who plan, execute and implement
the whole process, its operation also requires efficient tools, which are often complex, technologically advanced,
and requiring special skills from designers. Such tools include, among others, the Revit and ArchiCAD
design platforms, which make it possible to integrate information from many industries and at various stages
of designing and implementation of a construction project.

Parts of the largest design platforms

Revit and ArchiCAD are comprehensive, autonomous
pieces of software with advanced functionalities and
a very wide range of applications. This versatility,
which in most cases determines their strength, may
also be a constraint that prevents them from taking
into account solutions specific to manufacturers of
building materials or building equipment. To streamline
them in the context of certain technology-specific
solutions, manufacturers of building materials
and equipment prepare various libraries or add-in’s
that are used to design within a particular technology.
This is an excellent way of disseminating manufacturer
technologies and solutions not only in the
marketing context, but above all in the context of
solution correctness.
An interesting example of such an approach is a set
of tools which the authors developed under an order
from Solbet, one of the largest manufacturers of autoclaved
concrete components in Europe.

BIM tools prepared for Solbet

The tools have been developed for leading design
software, such as: Revit and ArchiCAD, to be used in
the context of work in a BIM environment.
They include:
• Solbet RevDesigner add-in for Revit
• Template and family library for Revit
and Revit LT™
• library for ArchiCAD program
Installation and use of the tools are intuitive. They
make it possible to work on designs in the Solbet system,
as well as obtain sets of technical and logistic
information about the products that will be used as
part of the design.

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